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Public Relations

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Public Relations Strategy

Whether it is for consistency of message or emergency/disaster planning, Evergreen’s staff members work with clients to help them develop an appropriate, effective public relations strategy for their business or agency.

Public Relations Consulting

Evergreen’s trained staff can help clients plan their public relations needs, then budget appropriate times and resources to the known needs.  Evergreen’s staff members work with our clients to make sure there is a consistent, continuum of media/public relations strategies so the client can remain “top of mind” for local media.

Other Public Relations Writing

Evergreen’s staff members offer their talents for a variety of other public relations writing needs.  Our staff members are expert at writing background information for media, message points for speeches or events, flyers, brochures, newsletters and magazines.  These services include: planning, consulting with the client while writing, client review and, when it is part of the contract, execution of the document.

Prior to events, Evergreen staff members will distribute media alerts via e-mail, fax or in-person handouts to alert various media about an event.

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